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Let's Talk Recovery Houses!

One of the first things we are always asked is “How does it look?” Of course staying somewhere that is visually appealing is a plus, but let’s look into what is most important about a recovery house. ⁣⁣


Nursing Care ⁣⁣

The care you receive following surgery is vital. When choosing a house ask how their medical staff would respond should an emergency arise. What equipment is available? Are they familiar with signs of fluid or blood loss? Are they familiar with best practice techniques to prevent contamination? Your priority is making sure they can handle any situation that may arise and are knowledgeable of treatments to aid in your healing process. ⁣⁣


Sanitary Environment ⁣⁣

You want to make sure you are recovering in a place that won’t promote infection. Let's be honest, we understand a recovery home may not be 100% clean all the time. Massages are happening throughout the day, clients are coming and going, meals are being prepared, and so on. However, there is a clear difference between the in the moment mess of draining fluid and a drainage pad being left on the floor for hours. The majority of recovery homes are excellent in maintaining a clean environment. Feel free to ask about their disinfection techniques between clients and their cleaning schedule.


Healing Environment ⁣⁣

Surgery can be overwhelming, especially when you’re so far away from your loved ones.

You want to stay in a home that promotes mental healing along with the physical. Are they supportive? Is there an outdoor area or a quiet place you can go to get in touch with your peace? Your mental health is so important during this process. Anxiety and stress can affect you physically, possibly causing delays in healing and even complications. Finding a home that will help you get through those dark moments will be crucial to your healing process.


Nutrition is another important factor in your healing. Your body has just undergone a traumatic experience. You will need all hands on deck to help your body find balance. Protein is essential to wound healing, while fresh fruits and vegetables contain all the vitamins and minerals you will need to help rebuild your cells and support your immune system. You will even need healthy fats to help absorb those vitamins. The key is balance! *We recommend discussing any dietary concerns or allergies with your recovery house prior to your arrival.



When we think massage we picture fluffy robes and relaxation time. op massages take on a whole new meaning. They're designed for the sole purpose of reducing inflammation and draining the lymphatic fluid that has collected in the tissues of your body. Many recovery houses have a dedicated massage therapist available for an extra fee. When choosing a house make sure to ask if massages are included your stay and if not what the price would be. Another important word of advise...if a recovery house has a dedicated massage therapist they may not allow outside therapists into their house. Many clients have someone in mind and only realize on arrival they won't be able to provide that service in the house. Do your research!

Overall you want to find a house that will put your safety and healing first. There are many that feel like a 5 star hotel and have the safety to match. What is important is to not only base where you want to stay on looks. Do your research, make sure they are qualified as well. Silhouette Escapes strives to provide a positive and informative experience. If you need assistance in locating a recovery house perfect for you we are ready to assist.

Contact us today for your free consultation and to go over your options. And as always Happy Healing!

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